Why being a lawyer?

Because being a lawyer means to listen to whom decides to entrust you, whether it is a private or a manager of a company, trying to understand their needs and their issues and to be able to deal with them like they were your own and trying to reach the best solution.

Because a happy client, due to a positive result or the satisfactory conclusion of a contract after a long negotiation, is the real reason that foster us to keep doing what we do at our fullest commitment.
Because some clients, even in the eventuality of a lost case, are able to show gratification, as they recognize our effort.

Because even if it is a job that push you daily on the edge, exposing you through critics and expectations coming from clients, counterparties and judges, that has no schedule and requires many sacrifices, it is still to be positively interpreted as a constant challenge to pursue that “special” idea, the best juridical solutions and the winning arguments.

Because, no matter how this job can be both exiting and depressing, it is always emotional if made with passion and interest.

All of the above can be pursued only if the leading value it is not based on the profit but rather on the personal interaction with the clients and on the passion for the law. That is the mission that guided me in my early 30s, when I was a young partner at an international law firm and I decided to quit and to start a new firm with a friend and a colleague, giving up high salaries and solid securities but with the ambition to create a firm characterized with personal touch and true connection with the clients ready to judge you and to choose you because they appreciate your qualities, your commitment and your reputation coming from third parties.

How to maintain these promises and to keep up with the passion for this job?
Simply by working honestly and showing respect to clients, other parties and judges, keeping updated our own professional knowledge and by keeping up with the enthusiasm and the curiosity that guide us to work with the same commitment whether it is a matter of a contract or a court case and no matter how big they are, because it is the client’s personal interest and the juridical case itself that matters.
Keeping this view of the profession in mind and willing to pursue these goals, through the years we became a team made of lawyers, trainees, employees that share these values and that keep the focus on the respect for the client and for the people we interact with.